1,129 guests online ! WOW

(meme) #1

Is this the usual,I never noticed that many ?

(figure skater girl) #2

ive noticed up to 700 before.

(figure skater girl) #3

997 guests! a couple minutes ago when i looked it was only 400!

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(figure skater girl) #5

629 now. it rises and drops so quickly and drasticaly!

this has become a 1 person conversation. maybe i should stop replying so much. give others a chance to respond

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(meme) #7

Ha Courtenay,your # got close to what I saw,maybe before the day is over,you will see a # to top it !!

(figure skater girl) #8

we just got it. 1194

(figure skater girl) #9

OMG! it just dropped down to 300, seconds after the record breaking number!

(meme) #10

Get back jack---on the 1,194 !! ha

(figure skater girl) #11

its slowly coming back up. it at 500 now

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hey! this is good for my number of posts. it will help me catch up to alyssa's 2000 something.

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i think weve scarred them all away!

(figure skater girl) #18

52! the record low so far! lets see if we can get to 0!

oh guests, could you please leave so we can create a record low?

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(seacat) #20