670G waking at a set time EVERY NIGHT

(Ryan) #22

Dennis, sorry if I wasn’t clear. The current 670g system is FDA approved. It may be as buggy as it is in part due to safeguards and compromises the FDA insisted on.

My understanding is that Medtronic has been developing a new transmitter for the 670g to address some of these issues. That updated, unreleased transmitter is up for FDA approval.

In the meantime, with my current sensor, I have had a bg required or calibration required alert in the middle of the night for the past 4 days. The transmitter fix can’t come soon enough.

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #23

Thank you Ryan for your clarification.
At this time next Thursday I will be meeting with two Medtronic representatives who will be trying to convince me to upgrade to the 670G system - from my warranty expired model 523.
They will need to tell me why toe Medtronic System is better than the Tandem combined with the DexCom G6 - both currently FDA approved and soon both with CMS [Medicare] approval - the G5 has current CMS full reimbursement.

(Katie) #24

Based on my experience with the 670G and the above comments I think it’s time we stopped blaming ourselves (improper placement, sleep position etc etc )for these ridiculous requests for 3am BGS and Calibrations. It really seems like a bug in the system that hopefully will be fixed with the next generation. In the meantime my glucose control is SIGNIFICANTLY better than it’s been in the 10 years since diagnosis( A1C 8.9 to 7.1 in 3 months with fewerlows)… so I’m sticking with it. I just wish Medtronic would acknowledge the problem.

(Thomas) #25

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if this is being widely announced or not, but I recently learned that Medtronic is offering to replace old transmitters with an updated model will supposedly not trigger as many “enter BG” alarms. You can apply to get a replacement transmitter free of charge here:


Don’t expect an immediate fix - I was told that my replacement transmitter will be shipped probably in 90-120 days. Apparently if you purchase a new transmitter from Medtronic it will be the updated model and will likely ship sooner than if you apply for a replacement, but I don’t know what “sooner” actually means in this context.

Good luck everyone!