8 year old just diagnosed

(Manuel) #21

Dani, I’m hoping that the return to school can be as successful as with your daughter. As much as I wouldn’t want anyone to have T1D, I’ve been finding some comfort in understanding we’re not alone.

(Heather) #22

I’m so sorry to hear of your daughter’s diagnosis. My daughter was diagnosed this past April at 8 year old as well. She’s had many ups and downs emotionaly since being diagnosed. She was pretty positive, yet still scared/worried right after we got out of the hospital and she didn’t argue much about food, but over the summer she started to get more upset about not being able to just grab anything she wanted and eat it and that she had to carry her diabetes bag with her everywhere we went (we got her one of those small, cute backpacks to carry some free snacks, emergency snacks, insulin, glucagon, and monitor-before she got a cgm). She’s also still embarrassed to tell anyone at school except for a few close friends. We just keep trying to be positive and show her that she can still do everything that everyone else can do. My husband is also a very active Type1 so he is able to give her a lot of encouragement. If you have a local Type1 community near you, they can be a great resource to help your family and your daughter not feel so alone. It will take time, but I hope things will start to get easier for you all now that you have your endo and educator.

(Lori) #23

My husband ordered the DexComG6 the day our son was diagnosed. He was six years old at the time of diagnosis which was only a few months ago, December 6th, 2018. We inserted the DexComG6 on our own. Several friends have helped us out on getting the full 10 days out of the DexComG6. Our son is lean and active so the love handle on the back works best. Be sure and purchase Skin Tac 4oz. Liquid adhesive and Unisolve Adhesive Remover wipes ( 50 wipes) on Amazon. They are a must have!!! You will also need the prescription numbing cream to apply 45 mins before and put plastic wrap around your child’s waist for about 30 mins. You will also want to give Tylenol dye free about 45 mins before. Have your child pick a number and start the countdown and then insert on that number. If your child stalls then just be patient and wait for the number. Give lots of praise and hugs! A YouTube video is out of a little girl with her father inserting the cgm. You will all be anxious so try to act like a pro and then if it takes an hour to two hours each time due to the nerves just be patient. We always choose Sunday night after bathing for insertion. The noise is probably the scariest for a little kid. It sounds like opening a soda can. We also ordered a pouch off of Etsy that has a clear window to display. She has cool fabric designs to choose from and she custom fits it to your child’s waist and device. We bought the patch to go on top of the device as well to get the full 10 days. It’s a football patch and they are on Amazon too! If your sensors do not last a full 10 days then call DexComG6 and they will replace it. They have 24 Hour customer service. You will not receive a reading when your child is in the bath tub or swimming; however, once they are out then it will connect again after some time. You will love it!!! I set my alerts for my child at 80 to 250. This is out of target range, but it is normal for little ones on injections and alarms were causing a bit of anxiety at school. 55 urgent low is preset. No more finger sticks! The device can also be roughly 20 points off too so that is another reason I set my low for 80. I will be praying for you and your little one! Big hugs!!!

(Manuel) #24

Hi Lori, thanks for sharing. I haven’t logged in to the forum in such a long time since we’ve been using Facebook groups. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since my DD’s Dx because of how far we’ve come. We were able to get the G6 in November and T-slim X2 pump in December, which has helped make a world of difference (knowing how different foods affect her body, different times of the day, and different activities). We’ve also been able to give more micro-boluses with the pump since she didn’t want to be poked more than she had to with injections. One resource that has helped us was reading the Sugar Surfing book by Dr. Ponder. We’re still learning, but it’s given us the confidence to try different things and understand Diabetes care is dynamic not static.

Thanks for replying and reminding me of this post. Best wishes to you, your family, and especially your son. It means so much to feel like you’re not alone on this journey.