9-year-old T1 in Arizona - would love to connect

(Kelly) #1

My 9-year-old son was just diagnosed. Would love to connect with parents/kids in Arizona. We’re new to this; I feel completely overwhelmed.

(jasontanner) #2

Where are you in AZ? My son is 9 and was diagnosed 2 years ago. We live in Tucson.

(Kelly) #3

We live in Gilbert. Has your son attended one of the summer camps?

(jasontanner) #4

No, we are little overprotective, not really comfortable sending our kids off, even though I’m sure they would do great with the T1D stuff.

We also have a 15-year-old boy that was diagnosed at the same time, and we’ve done a lot of research about products and stuff, if you have any questions. There is a T1D “walk” in Tucson every year in October. We brought a bunch of people down from the PHX area last year, it was really awesome.

(Kelly) #5

Yes, we’d be interested in going to the Tucson walk! Are your kids on the insulin pumps and/or continuous glucose monitoring system? My son was diagnosed only 1 week ago, and is already tired of finger pricks.

How did you discover both your children were Type 1? We have an older child, also; she’s 13-years-old.

(jasontanner) #6

Btw, our son has a Facebook page called From Kellen’s View, where he talks about the things he’s going through regularly. You and your son may find it interesting.

(Amy) #7

Hi Kelly,
Completely understand where you are coming from. My son just turned 12 and was diagnosed in January. We have learned a lot since and we are here in Gilbert!

(Mary) #8

Hi! We are in Tucson too. I jave a 14 yr. Old boy who needs friends with T1D. He doesnt know anyone with T1 and it secretctly gets him although he wont admit it. Been diagnosed since 7yrs.