A GSK conference I was apart of

(Jordance1992) #1

Hey Everyone!! I wasn't sure where to put this post but I wanted to share something great with you guys!!

Long story short-about a month ago I was asked to film a video for a conference that GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) was having on Type 1. Thanks to my JDRF chapter for recommending me, I got picked. They wanted someone who has 18 years old who has been diagnosed for 6 months. I am still 17 but they decided to allow me to do it. About 2 weeks ago we did the filming. It took 5 hours and it was tons of fun! As soon as we get a copy of the video and my mom gets the ok to show it, I would love to share it with you guys.

Well today was the conference and "OMG" is all I can say. It was incredible. During the 90 minute conference with America, the UK, and other countries-there were scientists who talked, they showed my video, and I got to answer questions. When they asked me and 2 other diabetics where we get our support I mentioned this site! =] I told them all about juvenation and how great the people are on here. How you guys are soo supportive and how I have made some great friends! Afterwards, I got a tour of the place and ate lunch with the team. GSK is working very hard right now to help people withe Type 1. I sure hope I helped to motivate them to continue to work hard. Also I found out that at minimal 1,000 people watched it. (possibly all the way up to 100,00). It was crazy!!

well I thought I would say this great news and how I gave you guys a shout out! =]


(BrianPQuinn) #2

Jordan that is so awesome, both the video and spreading the word about Juvenation. You rock and now you are famous. How does that make you feel??

(Jordance1992) #3

thanks Brian!! it was amazing and sooo much fun!! you guys are great so ofcourse i had to mention you guys! =]