A Hormornal 11 to Begin With & Now T1D

(Jacqueline) #1

Our 11 yo daughter was just diagnosed this past Monday. She’s been a rockstar already with the medicinal end. As her mom and we are dad emotional, but pasting a smile on. She’s hitting some emotional pockets. Worrying she’ll embarrass us, or people won’t understand, that she’s “different”. My heart breaks for her. I know it will pass and she is a warrior, but she’s eleven.

(Taylor) #2

Hi Jacqueline,
I’m not sure if this is helpful or not since I’m not a parent and can’t relate to a child being diagnosed. However, I was also 11 when I was diagnosed (now 25). The five day stretch in the hospital learning I had it is by far one of the most emotional chapters of my life. What she’s feeling is completly normal and as she starts to adjust to a new routine she’ll start feeling lEss like that (there were definitely still be some why me days ahead even at 25 I occasionally still wonder this). What really helped me was meeting other kids my age who had it. At first, T1D can make You feel so alone. Just being able to turn to someone and say you know what sucks finger pricks suck helps so much. Most endocrinologists offer support groups and jdrf also hosts events. I believe the American diabetes association also offers camp (there was a camp called camp needle point). Regardless, your daughter sounds like a champ and you and her dad sound like your offering her awesome support! Don’t be afraid to dry her tears but I think she’s going to do great. Please let me know if you have any questions and hang in there! I promise it gets better.