Advice for a newbie

(Catherine Del Vecchio) #21

Hey Megan! I’m Grace! I’m 17 and I was also 15 when I was diagnosed but honestly that feels like yesterday! I know exactly what you are talking about feeling that no one understands you bc you have diabetes, just to let you know your not alone! All my friends are very supportive but they don’t know the constant struggle it is. I got an insulin pump, the Omnipod, a few months after I was diagnosed and I love it you should definitely get one!! I also have a CGM which is awesome because I constantly like knowing my bs and when I’m at school or hanging out with friends I just have to look at the device or my phone instead of testing in front of everyone. If you ever want to talk about it let me know I can give you my email because its always nice to have someone that you can relate to!

(Catherine Del Vecchio) #22

Catherine is my Mom, we’re using this account together I’m too lazy to get my own account lol

(Ana Lagarto) #23

Hi Megan!
My name is Ana and I have been a T1D for 14 years now (diagnosed at 12). I have been using a pump since I went to uni (for about 8 years now) and I love it!
I have always been very open with all my friends and family about my diabetes and my need to give insulin and all, but the pump just makes everything so much easier for me. It’s easier to adapt to different days (like weekends or school days) and to when you eat several times in a few hours (like a wedding or a party). I don’t think I could live without it now.
Feeling sad or upset about your diabetes is normal sometimes, because you always need to think about it, every time you eat, every day! People will support you in your struggle, but you are the one living with it which can make you feel a bit lonely. Just respect that you will feel like this sometimes and that you are so brave to keep going everyday, because it is really hard. Focus on keeping yourself healthy and doing the best you can!
If you need any help you can always contact me (I’m also a nurse, so I can help with some technical advice)!

(Megan) #24

Thanks for your advice and I will defiantly take your advice and check out those podcasts!!

(Megan) #25

Thanks for your advice! I also get completely overwhelmed and upset when I think about the future so Ill definitely try to just focus on the now and not think so much about the future!

(Megan) #26

Thank you for the advice it really means a lot to me! Hope things are going well for you also!

(Megan) #27

Thank you :slight_smile: Hope your daughter is doing well!

(Megan) #28

Thanks you for the reply, I´m glad you’re healthy and doing well! Wish you the best!

(Megan) #29

Thanks so much for the advice, Ill have to check out that program!

(Megan) #30

Im so sorry about the loss of your father and friend :heart: Thank you so much for the advice and sharing your kids stories a little bit, it did really help. Hope you and both your kids are doing well!

(Megan) #31

Thanks so much for your advice and Im glad you’re doing so well! It helps so much to have people I can relate to :slight_smile:

(Megan) #32

Thank you :slight_smile: Im glad you and your daughter have adjusted and found a way to make this apart of your lives so quickly!

(Megan) #33

Thank you so much for your reply! Its so nice talking to someone right around my age who gets it! Ill look into the Omnipod, it sounds great! Glad youre doing well :slight_smile:

(Megan) #34

Thanks so much! Im glad youre doing well and if I have any questions Ill always keep you in mind!

(lcoyer) #35

I was diagnosed at 15 as well. I also hesitated to get a pump but it was the best thing I ever did. I am now 40 and I have a CGM and I am about to upgrade to the Medtronic Minimed 670G. It is the closest thing to an artificial pancreas on the market today. Best of luck and please reach out if you need anything.

(Jeanne) #36

Hi Megan I’m newly diabetic but I’m 32 so I don’t know if this will help but nobody has said anything so I will. My first symptom of low blood sugar is crying, yep I said it, I cry. It’s not like Im crying for no reason, I’m newly diabetic I have a good reason it’s just something about my blood sugar dropping makes me emotional. So maybe next time everything sucks and if you feel like crying, check your blood sugar. Other than that I think everyone else covered the fact that you are not alone and your life isn’t over. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to besides maybe winning an eating contest :slight_smile:

(Megan) #37

Glad you like yours so much and thank you for the advice!!

(Megan) #38

Glad Im not alone!! Almost every time Im low I get very emotional and usually end up crying! Ive gotten a bit better at controlling my emotions but when I get low and start feeling really shaky and gross (like below 60) I get frustrated. Thanks for replying and I hope everything is going well for you :smile:

(Jeanne) #39

You definitely aren’t alone. Being diagnosed this September I didn’t know about peak hours right away which caused a lot of confusion and lows. I take Humulin by injection every 12 hours, a set amount every day. So between the 4-8 hour mark the insulin works harder and makes me eat more to bring my bgs up. So there I end up, crying and trying to shove sweets in my face, my hands shaky all because I had no idea I’d need more food to get the blood sugar I need during peak hours. Ugh, so ya, you’re not alone. As for me im good now. My biggest problem these days is not being hungry at all in the morning.