Animas Ping Low Battery

(ajax) #1

How much time do I have once Agamemnon starts warning me his battery is low? The picture on the screen makes it seem like i've got a week, but I feel like that makes it an un-useful and super annoying alarm. Do I need to change the battery before I go to bed, or will it keep working for the next week? Batteries are expensive, so I want to use them as long as possible, but I also know that the alarms don't wake me up.

Anyone ever kept track of how long a low battery warning lasts before there is no more battery left?

(Anonymous) #2

mine usually warns me about a week before the battery fully runs out. the alarm is annoying, but i don't change the battery right away. i just make sure to keep a spare with me at all times and just change it when its completely out. 

(Nads) #3

I usually also wait about a week after the "battery low" warning starts.  I also want to stretch it out because of the cost of the batteries.  I don't let it completely die though; I think that would worry me too much!

(Woo Its Pat) #4

I don't have a Ping, but I have an Animas battery actually completely died a couple weeks ago when I was changing my site. I know it hadn't been low for a week at that point...but either way it died and it sucked having to head to the 24/7 grocery store as this was about 12am. I cleaned them out Lithium batteries though :)

(cdavid1) #5

I usually keep the battery until I get annoyed by the alarm.

Has anyone besides me seen how fast these batteries die? My dad has a 1250 and his doesn't die as much as my ping does!

(Nads) #6

Oops, I forgot to mention in my reply that I use the Animas 2020, not the Ping...

Courtney, are you using lithium or alkaline batteries?  Apparently the lithium ones last longer. 


(cdavid1) #7

I've never used any besides lithium! I go through about a battery a month!

(Nads) #8

Wow!  I only go through about one every three months!  Imagine if you were using the alkaline ones, you'd be changing it every day!  LOL

(cdavid1) #9

Yea really! Once I change the batteries in my pump a few weeks later my meter needs a battery change!!! Annoying!

(Nads) #10

That really doesn't seem normal to me...  I would call Animas if I were you.

(cdavid1) #11

I have to call for supplies soon maybe I'll say something to them about it!

(rainbow_squid) #12

that suckes about the battery alaram... my pump sest an alarm for like 15 hours before it completely runs out

(smat1234) #13

[quote user="Nads"]

Oops, I forgot to mention in my reply that I use the Animas 2020, not the Ping...

Courtney, are you using lithium or alkaline batteries?  Apparently the lithium ones last longer. 




Has anyone ever had problems with flying and using a lithium battery?  I was told that lithium batteries are not allowed on passenger planes.

(BrianPQuinn) #14


I saw on the Animas site that they now have an option of ordering batteries with your supplies. I wonder if they are giving the option of billing insurance for that. I usually change my battery once the alarm goes off. I would rather not deal with the battery dying while I am asleep. Granted the other day the battery alarm went off while I was asleep, it did eventually wake me up enough to that I could eventually figure out what the noise was that I was hearing. Just not enough for me to care about it. So I know I can get at least 4 hours out of a low battery warning. I will have to track this battery now though. But it will take me about a month to reply to the length of life with the battery.

(system) #15

the battery feature is one of the most annoying things about my ping. WHY do i have to do a full rewind every time i change the battery? complete bull shit if you ask me.

when i use lithium batteries, i have about 3 days after a low battery warning. when i use normal batteries, i only have a day at the most before it completely dies. also annoying. i've never had to use lithium batteries before. BUT all in all i like ping diddy infinitely more than i EVER liked pookie (a deltec)

(cdavid1) #16

I know that my dad gets his batteries through Animas but I can't remember if our insurance covers that or not.

(ajax) #17

on the animas website, the batteries are 2 for $7. With my insurance coverage, that would be equivalent to the price i pay in stores.

(Sarah_0776) #18

I never knew that the batteries actually last that long after the warning. I usually change it within 30 minutes of the alarm. I'll have to remember that now.

Also, Courtney, I have a Ping, and the batteries (lithium) last about a month for me too. With my old pump (a Cozmo), I used alkaline batteries, and I had to change it every week! What a pain.

I agree C- I hate that you have to do a full rewind and everthing when you change it.