Annoyed by people

(Dakota) #1

Ok so i take injected insulin and i take it next to people who will say " why are you putting that needle in yourself- im not afraid of needles im afrad of them inside somebody":expressionless::expressionless:
Then go somewhere else cause unless you want to know more dont squirm and question me cause
#1- its annoying AF
#2- what you just said made absolutly NO sence but whatever
#3- if you have a question plz just say it

(joe) #2

@Dakotafour hi Dakota,

they will never get what we go through, if I want to stay happy, I’ll just have to learn to ignore what other people think and do. Hope you are OK.

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(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #3

I like your attitude Dakota @Dakotafour, to me it sounds as if you have a very positive attitude about yourself - you will go far. And your #3 says a lot - occasionally we run into someone who is genuinely interested and wants to try and understand T1D.

i also like that you will take your insulin “in the open” and don’t hide yourself and make it look as if you are acting inappropriately. :sweat_smile:

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(Cathleen) #4

Dakota, I think it’s awesome how you speak up! And, I agree that it’s great that you inject insulin in front of people. They cannot confront or begin to understand something that they never see.
I’m going to share your post with my daughter, who also gets annoyed, especially with people who complain about getting a flu shot!
Best wishes.

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(Becca) #5

Someone once asked me (in a very condescending tone) why I was so important that I couldn’t leave my “pager” at home during a party. It was my insulin pump.

(Andrew) #6

If i’m unsure, I always ask the people around me if they are squeamish of needles. I understand the thought of needles can be very uncomfortable for some, so to be sensitive of others I’m willing to inject elsewhere or out of view. I find most people are fine with it, and some are so interested they ask if they can watch! I don’t mind, and I get a chance to educate people about Type 1!

(wadawabbit) #7

I use a pump now; but when I took shots, or when I take a pump break or am testing my BG, I try to be discrete. I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 3, so I got used to taking shots from a very young age and they don’t bother me in the least. But I do know people who are afraid of them - in fact, I had a boss who was. Our company gave flu shots every year, and she knew she needed to get one but was scared - so I would hold her hand (figuratively speaking) as we walked to the nurse’s office. I try to keep in mind that if it weren’t for my experience I could have that fear myself; so for me a little discretion doesn’t hurt.

(Suzanne) #8

Many years ago, in my own home, I gave myself an injection and put my needle on the coffee table to throw out when I got up and my roommate was so disgusted and insulted that I did that…I’d love it if he could live the life of a person with diabetes for just one day. We can’t help how others view life, we can’t help the ignorance, we can only educate those who want to learn and ignore those who prefer to remain ignorant. It’s super weird though right?