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okay so i'm a diabetic, and for some reason when i'm on my . my blood sugar raises through the roof and i can't seem to get it back down. my mother and i have no clue why it does this. a friend of mine also has this same problem. is it because of all the hormons or what? we just know that i don't like it and it makes me sick. =[ any help would be nice.

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bingo. hormones.


if you're on a pump, ask your endo about getting up a basal rate to change to when you are on your period to help with your bloodsugar levels. otherwise, a higher carb ratio may be in order. I usually took more insulin a few days before it actually started and for the whole week I had it, when I was a teen. Now my levels don't go up as much around that time I find.

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i have found that i need to increase my basal rate by quite a bit duirng my period otherwise my numbers are to the moon for those few days. The only time it is a problem though is when my period is irregular and I don't know it is coming. This is a change for me though. Until i had children i was always very low on those days which my endo thought was wierd because i guess most girls run high. i would talk to your doctor about taking more insulin during that time and see if it helps. Works great for me.

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You're not alone. It's because of all of the hormones. My blood sugar is usually high for the first few days, and then I run low toward the end of my period. I am also very irregular, though, so it makes it difficult to catch the highs before I start.

Here's a thread in the 'Women Only' group about this same thing:

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I asked my endo this question a while back and she said something like estrogen is actually a "heavier" hormone then insulin, so insulin has a problem getting through the increased estrogen to your cells...