Anyone from michigan

(nciganik) #1

I am looking for anyone from michigan that has diabetes.

We are opening a new diabetic camp and would like you to join our site and leave us some feedback of what you would loke to see at a camp!

all age groups please leave us some ideas, whats fun, what wold like to learn about, or anything that comes to mind.


our site is


(faithe113001) #2

Me me!  I live in the UP.  Have you heard of the camp put on by the Upper Peninsula Diabetes Outreach Network?  It's not a stationary camp, per se, but they have it every year, somewhere in the UP.  I've been counseling there for 8 years, and will go as health staff this year now that I'm an LPN.

Anyway, good luck! :)

(nciganik) #3

Thats great I have not heard of it.. we are new to this whole deal!

I will have to see if  I can find it on the net.

(Tara721) #4

I live in Michigan! I attended a diabetes camp for many years when I was younger, it was the best thing I ever did. Do you need volunteers? I would love to be able to help! (I live in the Battle Creek area)

(melbaugher) #5

Berrien County, Michigan (Southwest lower MI).

Hannah went to Camp Midicha in Fenton this past summer and LOVED it. She loves camp, though, and goes as often as I can afford it :o)

(diabeetusmaster14) #6

I live in  michigan. i live in dexter, or in waterford.

(nciganik) #7

We live in Montcalm county right now.. due to a job change for me and the hubby we will be relocating to the Upper Pennisula within weeks.


(Papa Jon) #8

I live in Grand Rapids. But I have been Type I for like a thousand years ;-)

Good luck on your camp.

(Jesus_Freak_13) #9

 I have some friends and family in MI. But i do not live there myself. That, however is a really inspiring thing to do! And you know everyone will love it! :)