Anyone Here from OHIO or near?

(Gabriela) #1

Is there anyone here from Ohio? or anywhere near?

(anns) #2

I am in Ohio, but it is a big state! There are many resources here, if you know where to look. I know that sometimes the best place to start is a sympathetic ear. Where are you close to?

(patel41480) #3

I’m in Ohio. How can I help?

(Leah T1D since 2001) #4

I’m 5-10 Minutes from Cleveland. Have had T1D for 16 years. Feel free to ask any question, as it appears, EVERYONE here is awesome about giving information.

(Nina) #5

Hello Gabby_1315 I am from Ohio!

(Brent) #6

Hallo i am located in ohio aswell c:

(Marina) #7

Ohioan — 10 years of experience. It helps! I’d be glad to share.

(rpe37stang) #8

Lifetime Ohio - Cleveland area. 12 years into my Type 1 journey. Contact me if you want to chat!