Anyone in NJ?

(bsum) #1

So I've turned 21 and it's finally time for me to change doctors.  I've been with Dr. Starkman in Morristown for the past 19 years and he's been great, but I need to move on to an "adult" doctor lol.  I was wondering who everyone else from NJ is going to and how they like him/her.  I live in central Jersey and am looking for someone closer to here but I'm still open to all suggestions.  Thanks!

(Vered) #2

I live in Cherry Hill NJ, which is like 15 minutes outside of Philly, so its not that close to you but I thought I'd reply anyways. I go to Dr. Kaufman at Cooper in Cherry Hill, I like him a lot he has always been available for helping me, through telephone and email when I'm away at school.

(Sawyer River) #3

My son has Dr. Starkman as his Endo and we love him.  Sorry that you have to move on to another docotor.  His nurse Elaine has been God Sent.  Sorry I don't have any suggestions for you but the best of luck to you!

(thebeatles909) #4

I live in Montvale. I'm right next to NY state. but i go to dr.Cobin in Ridgewood

(MichelleJasmine) #5

Dr. Nambi in Livingston and Dr. Gamme in Long Branch (just went to her for the first time) are both good.

Let me know if you're interested in either.

(bsum) #6

Thanks for the responses, it's hard since I've had the same endo all these years and never had to go through the process of finding a new one.  Michelle, do you have any info or specific opinions of Dr. Gamme?  Long Branch is the closest to me so far.