Anyone into Cosplaying on here?

(Megan) #1

Hello! I’ve been a T1D for 15 years and have been Cosplaying for 8 of that…but I just got onto the Insulin Pump with a CGM…anyone have any pointers? Or if you’d just like to talk!

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #2

Hi Megan @Nekota, first let me offer a Welcome to TypeOneNation! This is a place for you to meet many people like you who are living with diabetes, and a place for you to ask questions and offer support.

I suggest that when you ask for pointers, that you be a little bit more specific. Instead of saying THE pump, say what brand and model you are using - I’ve used four different pumps and among members here there could be close to a dozen models in use.

I currently use a Tandem t-slim x2 with Basal IQ and a DexCom G5 CGM - previously I used three MiniMed [Medtronic pumps and also experimented with a glucose monitor that wasn’t worth keeping. I’d love to talk with you - I can share what has and has not worked for me while living with diabetes for more than 60 years.