Artificial Pancreas or closed-loop pump control

(davyboy) #1

right now all pumps, at best, get input from the user to know how much insulin to administer. We take a glucose test, input it to the pump with the expected carbs we will eat, and it tells us how much insulin to take, then we okay that and it delivers. The artificial pancreas (AP) will make the gigantic leap to closed-loop control, where the pump takes readings from a glucose sensor on the body (like some do) and feed the information into a program that tells the pump the amount of insulin to deliver by itself, and how long to deliver it. It is constantly updating itself from the sensor, figuring out the rate of change of the glucose levels, and calculating the expected glucose level about 15 or so minutes ahead, and then figures out how much insulin to take to counter that expected glucose level. It is much like control systems in everything from building air conditioning systems to spacecraft.

So what brands to expect out in 2018, the expected year of market entry for APs? I found this site to be informative.

(joe) #2

actual feedback control would be a revolutionary change for pumps as a diabetes therapy. all potential AP/feedback concepts depend entirely on a CGM as the control variable, and therein lies the problem: today’s CGM are not accurate or fast enough for me to be interested in this technology, in my opinion.

a real time actual CGM “Glucose” being the operative word, not “interstitial fluid”, would be the revolution in therapy we all need. Even if I could get real CGM as a stand-alone, it would be a huge improvement over what I have today.

I also don’t think I like the automatic glucagon infusion… but maybe that’s just me.

Cheers, thanks for the link!

(sasafras) #3

I’m with Joe and ditto all said. My input is necessary and certainly trustworthy. The AP is not something I will connect until the CGM portion is improved to tell me my bg before I do anything. Trends and graphs are great but I can’t drive my kids without knowing what my bg is right now. I take gigantic leaps every day, and my simple just pumps insulin pump helps me land safely on my feets :slight_smile:

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Yes, I like to find people who are doing this research too like me. I am openaps

Please share with me anyone you know is doing the same research