Best Low Food?

(anathia) #1

What do you use most often/like best for a low food?  I find myself falling back on the same stuff all the time, simply because I'm used to it. 

(Rachel Y) #2

Well, I KNOW juice or glucose pills are what I should have.  I want (and often) have chocolate.  I use low as an excuse to eat the forbidden stuff a lot.  I'm on a candy corn kick right now.  Figure it's a happy medium- candy and yummy, but no fat to slow it down like chocolate, there mostly straight sugar.  Problem is I'm nibbling on them way too often!


(anathia) #3

Like you, I'll also try to eat the forbidden foods sometimes, though I don't much like candy.  But I've recently fallen in love with sugar in the raw. Three packets has fifteen carbs, and it's like eating candy.  When I'm riding my bike a lot, I carry packets in my bag because they're light and easy access. 

(A-D) #4

I carry the watermellon flavored glucose tablets.  As it turns out, my son likes them more than I do, so if I am low and low on supplies I have a screaming toddler bawling "taaaaaabletssss" *sob* -  This works out nicely as passers by see me stealing candy from a sobbing child... ;)

(ruthyhill) #5

I'm known as the Starburst girl.  Every single bag and jean pocket i own has a whole bunch of starbursts so I can just pop them in when I'm low.  To stick with the rule of 15, I eat 4 of them and do the whole drill.  However, if it's during the night I drink milk since at these times it's much more effective for me than juice ....

(lemonwedges4) #6

I to am on a candy kick, but I usually have a spoonful of peanut butter with it!!! Good protein!!!!!!

(Jillian) #7

Skittles fun sized packets! They are the perfect amount and they're easy to carry around

(Bonaluvr) #8

i usually use air heads

(katie.clark) #9

Normal every day lows at home I use orange juice.   I always have some glucotabs in my car, in my bags, in my desk. 

For cycling lows, a packet of skittles.  There are a few of us on the team with type 1, and we are all known to bust open a pack of skittles and consume them all in less than three minutes.  I NEVER eat skittles if I'm not on a bike.  :-)

Ellie on the other hand... her "fix" is vanilla frosting.  We had a hard time finding things for a fix for her because she does not like fruit or anything fruit flavored.   We have tubs of vanilla frosting everywhere.

(Layne) #10

I usually use OJ or milk.  OJ is easier to carry around since it doesn't "go bad" at room temperature but I get more rebounds with OJ  since it doesn't have any protein and then I'm low again an hour or two later.  I got into using milk becuase I had a doctor recommend it.  I usually drink 8-10 ounces and it has about 15 carbs (which is perfect for my lows) and also has protein so I don't have to worry about rebound.  And since it's not full of sugar it won't over-correct me.  The only downside to milk is (like I said) I can't carry it everywhere and also it takes a little longer to relieve my low symptoms.  I'm prett good about not eating junk when I'm low but it happens every now and then.  ;-)

(Rachel Y) #11

Wow- your good Layne!  All that stuff about protein, rebounding, overtreating, all makes perfect sense, but chocolate here I go! :)

But- I wanted to suggest something that might help you, Horizon organic milk is sold in boxes (like juice boxes), with a straw. Somehow it doesn't have to be refridgerated until opening and is 8 ounces.  I got them for my son so he can have his post dinner, pre bedtime milk on the go and they're perfect!

I just got the package to tell you exactly, here's what they say. "..single serve milks are convenient and easy to take on-the-go!  That's because our special packaging keeps milk fresh at room temperature. Refriderate after opening.  Chill before serving." (I don't chill before serving, depends on if you care I suppose!).  Yay, maybe they'll find a new way to market them now and I'll get commission! :)

(evedez) #12

When my sugar is low I usually take a dab of honey and rub it on my cheeks! It really works!! Or if my sugar is 80~70 i will drink jucie

(Layne) #13

[quote user="Rachel"]

But- I wanted to suggest something that might help you, Horizon organic milk is sold in boxes (like juice boxes), with a straw. Somehow it doesn't have to be refridgerated until opening and is 8 ounces.


Sounds great!  Thanks for the tip!

(Shivvalanblue) #14

I carry around packets of fruit snacks, one packet is 22g of carbs.

At home I have some small bottles of cranberry juice(not a big fan of OJ)

(anathia) #15

That Horizon stuff is great! I take it on camping trips all the time, and then have to take extra because everyone wants to share.



(Payton) #16

Juice boxes work for me. They hold about 30 carbs, in case I need that many, but I can drink about half or sip on it and it usually works.

If I wake up at night extremely low, all bets are off. I've sat at the kitchen table at 3 am before stuffing countless sticky handfulls of cereal or chips into my mouth and washing it all down with cranberry juice until I feel like I'm going to explode. Very bad highs follow! Now I'm trying to keep juice boxes by my bed and then go back to sleep. Fortunately I don't go that low often.

I used to do glucose tabs, and later, smarties. Those also were hard for me to keep track of when I was treating a low.

Basically I need something that is pre-packaged so I don't have to think or be disciplined in terms of portion control. That's really hard for me when treating lows. Part of it is that I get really symptomatic with fast heart beat and shaking and also anxiety that I want it to be over with as fast as possible.

(A-D) #17


Yeah - wow - loud and clear on the wanting to eat until the symptoms go away.  I've really only had a ½ dozen years or so years of being really good at "4-5 tabs and stop" for a 44 and wait until it goes away.  I'm actually better disciplined in my 30's and 40's.  When I have a low 50 I will think, oh, I'll just have a tab... you know - maybe I could have a cracker, I can get away with a sip of milk, maybe a ½ a cookie... before I know it I'm bolusing to keep up, LOL.



(Payton) #18

It's so refreshing to talk to people who know what a low feels like! :)

(Sarah_0776) #19

Graham crackers and peanut butter! It tastes good and has sugar and protein.

Apple juice is good too. (=

(bassoonist1719) #20

all these "low foods" sound so much better than what i normally eat - at home 2-8 oz. of lemonade or ice tea and elsewhere glucose tabs :P  i usually eat some kind of more sustaining snack too, especially at night.  plain sugar is good.  a year or 2 ago i used that...but in the middle of the night i always reach for the glucose tabs next to my bed unconsciously when i feel really low.