Breast Cancer treatment and T1, anyone?

(Nancy) #1

Hello community!

I’ve just celebrated my 52nd anniversary of my T1 diagnosis and recently received a breast cancer dx. It’s a small (1.3 cm) ductal carcinoma tumor, Est & Prog positive, Her 2 neu negative. Mildly aggressive, slow growing. My lumpectomy and lymph node-ectomy is later this month, followed by radiation, and of course I have to wait for the lymph node pathology before I know what my cancer treatment regimen will be.

Any of you sisters out there have advice for control of glucose and A1C on cancer drugs? Any advice is welcomed!

Peace out

(ksmerk12) #2

I don’t have any advice or experience here, but I’m interested in seeing what others have to say. Hoping you can kick cancer’s ass!

(margaretmmoore) #3

I had the exact same diagnosis 8 years ago and had no problem with the surgery or radiation. I did have negative side effects from the 2 drugs they tried after radiation - Tamoxifen and an aromatase inhibitor so I had to discontinue both. I understand that there are some new drugs now but I don’t have any info on those. I would expect that you won’t have any major problems. I had no major issues with blood sugar control during any of the treatments.
I was cancer free for 7 years and in July 2016 I discovered a lump in my underarm. This time I went through chemo; multiple scans to be sure the cancer had not spread, surgery and now radiation. I am still being treated and feel like I have been in a nightmare. Blood sugar issues have been many because of some of the chemo drugs and now the radiation is causing my blood sugar to go high and stay high. And it’s unpredictable.

Good luck. Hope things go as well for you as what I experienced first time around.

(Nancy) #4

Margaret, thank you for sharing. I wish you the best with this latest round - I’m hopeful you’ll kick this one’s ass, too!

(Nancy) #6

Thank you for your encouraging words! I have undergone my lumpectomy and the tumor was rated as a 1a or very small. I’ve just begun my radiation treatments and my most current A1c was 6.4, so overall, I’d say I’m doing OK. I wish your mom continued success as well!