Camp duncan( triangle D)

(dancetiludrop) #1

heyy does any one go to camp duncan in ingelside or volo illinois it a ada triangle D camp

(Laurenerz) #2

I went to Camp Duncan about 10 years ago as a camper and continued into Teen Camp when it was in Iron River, MI! Those were the best days and I am still friends with my buddies!

This past summer I was on the medstaff at Camp Duncan as a nursing student and took care of the Purple Martins & it was sooo good to be back. Did you go this past summer Molly?!

(dancetiludrop) #3

awesome this is my 5th summer attending next year i will attend my sixth at teen camp and yes i was thereĀ i was in aquila with crazy jay!!! i loved it and i wouldnt miss it for the world i wish it was longer!!!!!

(Laurenerz) #4

That's awesome!! Camp is such an amazing week and I always wish it was longer when I was a camper too! I used to actually cry every time my parents would pick me up to leave because I didn't want to go home! LOL

(dancetiludrop) #5

haha me to what boys did u have like brad and nick or matt and logan or i guess wat i meant to say is what age group???

(smddance10) #6

i went to camp at camp duncan too!! i've gone for two years.. next summer will be my third!!

(diabetic-angel) #7

i went there for the first time last year. i made some amazing friends and i so wanna go back next year