Changing insulin pumps

(mellannie) #1

hey! here recently my pump (minimed paradigm 712) has been acting up. as in my screen clearing in mid bolus malfunctioning.i was looking at other pumps tonight on the internet, and i liked them. i like minimed and all, just i am so rough on pumps that im scared that my curent pump is going to go all grrr! i am no longer going to work for you! grrr!.... so my question....

i was wondering if theres any other insulin pumps out there that are worth looking into? i like the animas one touch ping, but is ti worth buying? its the cheapest one ive found.. and the most reasonable one i think. it comes wiht a meter (like most pumps do anymore), but the meter is like a remote that reads to the pump. what other pumps out there are worth looing into and possible trying to convince my parents (mom mainly) that they are reasonable and worth buying??? :)