Choosing a new insulin pump

(maviskm) #21

Sure, I’ll let you know how it works out.

(Kennyg) #22

I am 66 T1 Medicare will not pay for the Guardian 3 sensor for the 670 g pump. I am stuck now, don’t really know what to do?

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #23

@kennyg, your obvious options are to choose either a Dexcom or a freestyle CGM which are covered by Medicare.

(Joel) #24


I think you’d be happier with the Dexcom/Tandem combo, since you’re used to the G4 sensors already, and the G6 is an amazing device. My son is on this combo, and I have been very happy with it’s usability. Not sure if the touchscreen will work with gloves on or not but I’ll try and get back to you ASAP.

The G6 has been within 5% or less of cbg readings without having to calibrate at all. The tSlim X2 battery will go for a couple days between charges if you get it fully charged .

I’m happy to be able to let you know that the touchscreen works while wearing gloves.

(maviskm) #25

My sensor is currently updating, says do not calibrate. I’m supposed to change it on Wednesday.

It’s also asking for my bg for auto mode while I’m sleeping but I think it’s because my bg is a little low because I’m not eating a snack before bed. So far it hasn’t asked me for my bg 15 minutes after I test.