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I've always heard that Cinnoman and Grapefruit are good for Diabetics? Is that true??? Anyone know???

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Well grapefruit is good for anyone because its a fruit and is full of vitamins. Cinnamon is good for seasoning. There are no calories or carbs in cinnamon so you can add it to almost anything (recently my boyfriend and I added it to grilled was wonderful!) Answer you question at all?

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So...I just got back from my pharmacy where I was picking up some of my insulin supplies and saw they had cinnamon capsules in their diabetes section...apparently cinnamon is supposed to help with sugar absorption...never heard of that before but maybe it works!

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Thanks for the info!!!!

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I am going from memory here but I think i (vaguely) remember reading that you want to make sure it is a water extract of the cinnamon.  I believe they were saying that the whole cinnamon can be carcinogenic... :-/



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I've got this Whittaker book "Reversing Diabetes" though this isn't an endorsement and he recommends: Vanadium, Chromium,

Magnesium, and various antioxidants and vitamins.  In truth the supplements I've taken have neither made me feel or significantly changed blood sugar ranges.  I've taken moreso as a guard against nutritional deficiencies.  With regards to cinnamon it lists as "ameliorating effects on blood glucose control" but no dosage recommendations.  Good luck though.

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I will add that anyone considering taking Vanadium should review the toxicity studies.  I know I have seen several published items that seem to indicate some dangers.



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Hey everyone,

I have my BS in nutrition and am diabetic.  The cinnimon thing is for type 2 diabetics.  It helps the remaining insulin receptors work better for absorbing insulin, it really does nothing for use type 1's though.  unfortunately.  I have not heard anything on grapefruit though. I would imagine it couldnt hurt as it is not very sweet so it wont be high in carbs, and its is chalked full of vitamin C and other antioxidants that will help you avoid getting sick.  Hope this helps!!

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Great info! Hey, for those of us (maybe just me) who are (is) confused... why doesn't increasing the efficiency of the insulin receptors reduce T1D's need for insulin and allow us to lower our dose a bit?  I ask this not being completely sure how any of these pieces fit together... ;)

Thanks for the insight!




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Well as you know in type 1 diabetes we are insulin dependant.  This is because our pancreas, for one reason or another, has stopped producing insulin.  the cause for this is still not for sure.  In a type 2 diabetic, they still produce insulin, its just either a decreased amount or their insulin receptors no longer function correctly causing the malabsorption, or just less absorption of that insulin.  so though cinnamon will help with a type 2's insulin receptors absorption, it can't really help us because our receptors are still fully functioning, we just don't have the insulin in our body's anymore.  I hope that makes sense.  Feel free to ask me any questions, no matter how simple or dumb they may seem.  I keep up on research and as i mentioned have my BS in nutrition so I'm happy to help.  I'm working toward getting my RD so that i can become a diabetes educator.

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hi my mom is a type 1 diabetic but her insulin receptors work occasionally, and her doctor told her to use cinamin to regulate her blood sugar... 

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I thought any cell processing glucose (ie - cells outside the pancreas) had receptors and used receptors.  I guess I'd put it together wrong in my own li'l mind... thanks for straightening us out! I guess now I need to go back and try to understand insulin sensitivity for the rest of us...