Cleaning products and BG readings

(Brittani) #1


Does anyone know if household cleaning products (I.e. Clorox wipes, coney, scrubbing bubbles, winded, 409) affect blood glucose readings?

I’m new to the club :slight_smile:

(Brittani) #2

Oops! I meant comet & windex.

(Luisa) #3

I am fairly new myself but do recall being told at the hospital the alcohol on the cleaning wipes would affect it, if your hands not being completely clean affects it too I am thinking cleaning products would as well.

(Brittani) #4

Thank you! I was originally diagnosed T2 then with persisting symptoms and more testing it was confirmed I’m actually T1. As a result of having not been hospitalized and being the recipient of T2 counsel, I feel I’ve missed out on some vital info. for managing T1D.

Thank you!

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #5

Brittani @bdv69685,

The best and safest cleansing for fingerstick BG checks is washing with soap and water and rinsing thoroughly. Many other agents, including alcohol, could affect a reading.

Even if you had spent two weeks in hospital you would not have been told this - it is said in “fine print” . When I was hospitalized recently, there was only one nurse out of many who had heard the advice I just wrote above so you probably would not have been told that.

I welcome you here at TypeOneNation and invite you to visit here often, share your experience with T1 and ask questions.

(Brittani) #6

Thanks Dennis! It’s going to take several hand washes to scrub off all the cleaner residue on my cleaning days. Perhaps I’ll wear gloves. :slight_smile:

(Ray) #7

Wow I never knew there was a correlation, thanks for the insight.