(Amanda ) #1

Looking for an answer from someone in collage or has graduated. I’ll be going to collage in, like, 5 years. How hard is it to manage T1D and collage at the same time?

(Becca) #2

Honestly for me managing my diabetes while in college is the same if not easier than highschool. College is very important but its more relaxing than a highschool classroom. All of my professors know about my diabetes so they know if I’m in and out of class some days its because of that. You pick your schedule in college so things run on your time.

Stress with school all depends on how you act towards it. Stress can sometimes affect me and push me away from everything, but each person is different. Once you find a good coping with stress activity everything should work well for you. College is just like any school, you have to pay attention to both class and how you fell. But like I said college kinda runs on your time.

I hope this answered your question. I’m happy to talk more about it if your still worried.

(joe) #3

@AAT1D, it wasn’t harder - I was too immature and way too easily distracted to do a good job controlling my diabetes in college. so my control was pretty bad. it got better afterwards.