Could use a T1 friend

(Amanda) #1

I don’t have any friends with T1 and could use one. Any one who wants to be my friend, plz message me.

(Lisa) #2

Any more info to share? Are you adult, teen, kid? General region of the country? Obviously don’t need details but it might inspire connection…

(Amanda) #3

I’m 13 and live in the Midwest.

(ashley) #4

I’m 14, I need a friend too pls Snapchat me - ashleywade909 pls

(Amanda) #5

i would, but i don’t have snapchat. message me and i’ll give u my gmail.

(ashley) #6

What about instagram??

(Amanda) #7

Nope. Just email. Sorry

(Sophie) #9

hello how come no snap or insta?

(Amanda) #10

no phone. gma won’t let me. :frowning: