Dexcom 6g

(Les) #1

Anyone on dexcom? Pros, cons, your thoughts?

Can you also shower using the transmitter or does it need to slip off before the shower?

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #2

Les @Type1strong, I use DexCom G5.

If you are serious about managing your diabetes - and I do NOT mean just having a particular HbA1c, the CGM is an awesome tool Effective diabetes management means staying “in range” as much as possible, not just having a “good” average glucose over 90 days - such as an A1c = 6.0 - but rather that you stay close to that value as often as possible. Certainly you will have many “excursions”, like I do, that your BG way to high or those times when BG just drops and keeps dropping.
Once you get used to, and understand what it is telling you, you can use the CGM readings to adjust your insulin - be very careful not to “stack” insulin - to either correct a high or to avoid future lows. The biggest help my CGM so far is that it has alerted me to suspend my pump to prevent hypoglycemia.

Your question: Certainly you can shower and swim while wearing the transmitter this is addressed quite a bit in your User Manual and in other materials. I strongly recommend a thorough read of the Manual.

(Les) #3

Thank you very helpful information

(Kathy) #4

I’ve been t1d for 49 years and wholeheartedly agree with Dennis. I’m getting ready to switch from the G5 to the G6. Next to insulin itself, Dexcom is my most valuable tool.

(Todd) #5

I have been using a G6 for a few weeks and find it very useful. Yes, you can shower with it on just fine.

(Les) #6

Thank you all! I have been using it for a couple weeks now and I love it. Since I’m not on a pump it really helps when to make adjustments.

(Vamsi) #7

Dexcom g5 is water resistant and g6 is waterproof. you do not have to worry about the transmitter fit to the sensor but however, the patch tends to come off after 7 days but there are other options dexcom offers like using an adhesive patch on top of the sensor. i have been using dexcom for quite some time now. the g6 works perfectly for 7-8 days after that, either the sensor malfunctions (does not transmit data or sensor fails) on a whole scale; on how many ever days it works, you get super accurate data and is good way to monitor your BGs and enjoy your life!