Dexcom Bleeder

(Rachel) #1

Hey guys today I inserted a dexcom g6 and immediately when I did it started bleeding. I wipe away the blood that got in and put on the transmitter hoping it will work

I looked up online and everyone says its fine they tend to work the best when this happens or its still gonna work fine. I’m on the 2 hour warm up now but I’m neverous its not gonna work

It doesn’t hurt or anything just blood is scaring me

Anyone else have experience with a sensor bleeder?

(Heather) #2

My daughter had that happen for the first time a few weeks ago with her G6. She screamed when it happened and blood completely filled the sensor so we took it out and called Dexcom. They said a little bit of blood is ok and the sensor should still work, but for the amount my daughter had, it was probably best to put in a new sensor.

(Nicole) #3

I had that happen to me, and it really freaked my husband out. As he was watching me. My sensor was “off” a bit a first but seemed fine after a couple of calibrations.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #4

Nicole @NSTrim16, I’m not surprised or concerned about a new sensor being “off” for a while. Probably nothing to do with bleeding upon insertion.
You will notice in the DexCom User Manual, a statement advising that some readings may be off during the first 24 hours of a sensor’s life.

(Jill) #5

I just put a new sensor on my daughter and the blood filled under the transmitter. I did call Dexcom this morning and they said the sensor should still work fine. The 2 hour warm up period just ended and I am getting readings on her which to me don’t seem to be to much out of where she has been lately. I hope this helps. FYI they are sending a replacement sensor which I thought was very nice.