Dexcom case with clip

(Anna Waters) #1

Hi - My 7 year old son was diagnosed on April 24, 2017. He recently started wearing a Dexcom, and for my son keeping track of the receiver is a nightmare. It is a bit large to keep in his pocket and I can’t find a case with an appropriate size belt clip.

I went to Tallygear and while they do seem to have a lot of products, the website is just not user friendly. I ordered a case with a clip from them, but the clip is HUGE and I need something more suitable and comfortable for him.

If anyone can recommend a good website that sells Dexcom accessories such as a belt clip, I would be most appreciative.

(jjmnav) #2

I like the belt clip holster that Dexcom provided with my G4s. Like that I can snap it closed or leave open for ready readings. Searched many sites for something half of Dexcom price for a replacement. Tallygear does have a lot of versions but nothing like Dexcom’s.
I have not used any of these and don’t know how you would attach it but before he loses a receiver, consider one of the “Key Finder” devices similar to