Dexcom G6 Advice

(Rachel) #1

Hello everyone, I’m Rachel and i’m 17 and I’m getting my G6 today. I was wondering if any of y’all has any advice on using this. This is my first GCM and I’ll be getting a MiniMed 630g in a couple weeks. I would like any advice and where should I put it first? I was thinking my arm but when I watched the video on how to apply it show abdomen. What do y’all think?

(joe) #2

@Racheltoner hi Rachel, you can do a search on G6 in the upper right corner there is a magnifying glass icon. there’s tons of information here.

below are the most typical spots for both infusion sets and CGM.


Pain with Tandem infusion sets
(mikefarley) #3

Check the blogs ov Diabetes Strong. She has a good real life review of G6 and videos of how to insert on arm, etc. Good luck!

(mikefarley) #4

Oops, forgot to paste this link.

(Kara) #5

My daughter prefers the back of her arms, which frees up other areas for pump sites also.