Dexcom G6 insertion bleeding


I started on the g6 a couple of months ago. First 3 insertions went fine, but I had a lot of bleeding with the last 2 and both sensors failed. Dexcom is replacing them and asked me to send the failed ones back to them. I know I’m probably the only person on the planet who prefers the old insertion system, but I used that for years and never bled! Is this just a fluke or are others experiencing the similar issues with bleeding from the new insertion system? I am an adult, slender build and they did asked my weight when I reported the problem. I wonder if they are seeing this with thinner people? I was very pleased with their response and expect they will make changes if this seems to be more then a one off.

(Mary Jo) #2

Hi. My daughter is ten and she bled too the first time. Dexcom did send us a replacement. We change it in a few days and I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again! She did bleed a few times with the G5 too. We have a friend that has never bled. I don’t know why this has happened to us either. Curious what others say. My daughter is slim too.

(Andy) #3

ive bled thru three of my last four g6 sensors. Never happened on the G5. I asked if it had anything to do with my body type and Dexcom said no but I cant help but wonder if the sensors are longer or injected more forcefully than I used to do on the G5.

(Abby) #4

I’ve actually noticed the same thing–I never noticed bleeding with the g5, and lately it feels like I can’t insert a g6 without bleeding. I haven’t needed to replace any of mine though.

(Michael, T1D for 28 years) #5

I’ve done 2 insertions with the G6 now and I haven’t had a single issue with bleeding. This is my first CGM even though I’ve been diabetic for 28 years. Actually I’ve been really happy with the G6 other than a few calibration issues where the G6 was reading 260 but my glucometer said 200.

(Kim) #6

For the first 3 months I used it, I had zero bleeding. I took a break from it for a couple months and every insertion now has bled. Out of curiosity, I left them in and the readings have been pretty accurate. Doing everything the same and I’m slim to average build. As long as they’re not off by too much, you’re probably ok to leave it in.

(Corey) #7

I was on the phone with Tech Support and the lady mentioned with the new G6 insertion device it is best to pinch the skin much like how you would for an insulin injection. She says the device fires the sensor deeper into the skin and often reaches the muscle underneath.