Dexcom G6/iPhone in school

(Stuart) #1

Hi everyone. I’m obviously new to the community, but my daughter was diagnosed in early 2015. She’s 13 now and in her last year of middle school. We have her on an OmniPod and a G6, paired with an iPhone.

So the question is this: My wife and I are both getting notifications, and we can (and do) contact the school nurse to ask for her help when our daughter goes high or low. But we’re wondering how other parents have handled this. Our daughter should be receiving notifications through her iPhone herself. But she obviously can’t have complete access to it during school. At the same time, we want her to know her status and be able to respond quickly.

How do you handle this? Is it as straightforward as having her carry the Dexcom receive in addition to the iPhone, so she can monitor a device that clearly isn’t a phone? We were trying to reduce the amount of kit she has to carry. But is that the best approach in your view?

Thanks in advance.


(Dassy) #2

Hi Stuart, don’t know if this will be helpful, hope so. I started on a Dexcom G6 about 20 days ago. I bought the Apple Watch just so that I don’t have to constantly pull out my phone to see the blood sugar. I know it may be expensive so I’m not sure if that’s an issue, but it’s been very helpful to me. I’m not sure what the rule is at school, I’m actually a retired teacher myself. I saw other people on this forum writing about the 1990 Americans with disabilities act. Maybe if you bring this up with the school principal it would be helpful. Good luck! PS I think you still have to have the phone in a certain distance from the watch but if it’s in a backpack it shouldn’t disturb the teacher or other students for your daughter to look at her watch.

(Freda) #3

Hi! I’m a 15 yr old in high school using the g6 with a phone. My parents are connected with it but unless I’m out with friends or something of that sort they don’t comment on my bg or text me which lets me have freedom but with a safety feature. For a 13 yr old I don’t think you have to text the nurse unless things are really bad so maybe text your daughter instead like “hey saw you’re a bit low, have you corrected?” just because I would feel weird about that personally. I always keep my phone in my backpack and have sent out an email to my teachers letting them know why I’m checking my phone so often and to let me know when a test is in advance so I can bring the Dexcom receiver instead of using my phone which so far has worked out really well. I love not having to carry so many devices and with a phone + g6 you can be really inconspicuous about checking bg which is nice in middle/high school. I hope the g6 works out for you and maybe my advice helps you!
:heart: Freda