Dexcom G6 issues

I feel like I’m only ever on here asking for help because of the issues with my daughter’s sensors. We have replaced three sensors in less than two weeks and 8 total within the last 30 days. Has anyone had issues with the sensors coming in contact with water?

We’ve noticed that every time she takes a bath or shower we start getting consistent Sensor Errors until the sensor actually fails and tells us to replace it. I have contacted Dexcom for every single sensor that we have had to replace to get a replacement for it and I tell them the same thing every time. They, of course, have no advice or possible cause for this. We have always followed all the correct application tips and use different brands of overlays in case the cause is the water lifting her sensor up from her. I’m desperate to find answers and help since I’m constantly up at night with her Sensor Error alerts.

Hi Ashley @Agerard1, I don’t think that you, or more precisely your daughter is the only one with sensor problems - although your daughter’s failures appear way too frequent. I’ve seen others on here and on other sites with similar questions. Unfortunately I have’t heard any solutions.

Dexcom is aware too - they hear from you and Dexcom has established a procedure - but that doesn’t do anything for your frustration or anxiety. Does her doctor have any ideas? Is your daughter “small” and possibly not have enough “room” for the sensor wire that gets embedded in her?
I use the G5 so I can’t comment on the application process, but bathing, swimming and hot-tub has not “hurt” my sensors - although I do notice when getting out of hot water I often have a “down arrow” - I think that is because I’m rather thin and could be causing false lower readings which later correct.

She is very small. However we’ve noticed now that she’s bathing a lot more due to the hot weather and playing outside, we’ve noticed these issues. After every bath or shower, the same night we start getting the errors.

I’m hoping I get some help from dexcom soon because this is becoming very stressful considering it’s now summer and she wants to swim and play in water all the time. They don’t seem to be very waterproof for us so far.


When I switched to the G6 I received similar sensor errors while scuba diving. I had similar experiences with Dexcom. They were supportive, replaced sensors, but really did not have answers.

What has worked for me after experimentation is the use of SkinTac, an overlay and site location changes. I started on my arm…and loved it! However, the arm does not work well if I have a dive scheduled. I also cannot use my front abdomen due to scar tissue (leg is the worse for me in any circumstances). So, if I know I have a dive coming up I use my love handles on my lower back and get good results in combination with the skintac and overlay.

Not sure if this helps, but I hope you find a good solution.

hi we are having similar issues here, especially with swimming or hot tub. I have bought every patch cover item Amazon has, used everything from vet wrap, medical tape to duct tape. nothing seems to work. The worse part is then you wait an hour plus to get Dexcom so they will replace… then the replacements don’t come for one reason or another and it takes another call, then I end up with 3 bad sensors but they are replacing only 2. I honestly, want to go back to finger pricks, but it is not my body and not fair for me to make the call. SOOO frustrated with Dexcom.

Kathleen @Katsumcat, I can see it is a difficult situation - but I also see that you are wanting to do what is best for your daughter.

Technology is awesome and works well for many, but a CGM is not always the perfect solution for everyone. It may be the proper move, even if way more finger-sticks are necessary, for you to return to using a BG Meter for a while. Yes, I know what that is like - for years, I did at least 8 BG Checks every day - often 10. What it may come down to is if your daughter will tolerate all the pokes into her fingers - or elsewhere.

As a side-note, if you want to use HbA1c as a guide, I had lower A1c with finger-stick than I currently have with a Dexcom CGM; although I must add that my SD [standard deviation] has decreased which I feel is a major accomplishment.