Dexcom G6 Sensors

(Tracey) #1


My son has been on the Dexcom G6 for almost 1 month now. he been having difficulty with his sensors failing. The sensors only last 3days and he has to change it, only one sensor last the full 10days. I called tech support they did not give any reason why they are failing just send me replacements. Is anyone else having difficulty with the G6 sensor?

(Lisa) #2

I’m sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. I’ve been wearing the G6 for about two months and I have not had any bad sensors. It sounds like you got a bad batch. I just wanted to write to tell you to have hope - I’m really enjoying the honeymoon from calibration after almost 33 years of fingersticks.

(Reagan) #3

I’m having the same trouble with my g6 I think I’ve had one that hasn’t failed and I’ve had it for more then a month. I don’t know what the cause is but you are not alone with this problem.

(sherrik830) #4

We just got on the G6. Very first sensor lasted three days. Bummer. Currently on the 2nd one, hopeful from here. Your not alone! Good luck!