Dexcom needed

(Jo) #21

:+1::+1: ok…see you off line to discuss further. :blush:

(Roger) #22

Your nephew’s pump should put out a reading for him. They do it at my Drs every time I go.


(Julie) #23

He doesn’t have a pump yet either… needs insurance approval for that too. He’s doing needles and insulin with finger pricks.

(PamK) #24

Hi Julie, As “Gemstone” stated, a letter from his endo explaining the need for a CGM might help. Like many here, I have been a T1 for over 50 years. I have used a CGM for @ 4 yrs now. When I first got mine, my endo sent my records along with a letter explaining why she felt I needed a CGM. For me it was that I was experiencing some “hypoglycemia unawareness.” In your nephew’s case, the argument could be made that because he lives away at college/on his own he needs one. So, I would advise talking to the endo to see if they can do this for you.

Pam K
T1D 54 1/2 yrs and counting!

(heather) #25

I would wait as u been told bc they have a specific reason they want to see his logs what he eats every timw he checks he needs to be accountable enough to write down everything i would wait bc going around the system is not the proper way to do things i had to wait for mine too bc they need him to learn to not always having to rely on the dexcom bc the meter is always more accurate

(heather) #26

Thst is what the docs want foe newly diagnoaed its prettu much protocal

(jjmnav) #27

I was advised by Dexcom that Cash Pay (w/o mentioning insurance) at CostCo can get you a G6 system. I think the Receiver would be $35.96 instead of $365, Transmitter for $28.88 instead of $237.50 and box of sensors for $318.29 instead of $349.
The low price for Receiver & Transmitter was mentioned as a ‘promotional price’ but the low cost has been in effect since late last year.