Dia-versary Card?

(Mrs. G) #1

My diabetes anniversary is coming up in a couple months. Every year I think about the Dr who diagnosed me & everything I went through together with him. I no longer see this Dr since i no longer live in the same area. So my question is, would it be weird or ok to send a card on my anniverary thanking him for what he did. Does anybody else do this?

(BookwormNerd13) #2

I think that’s a great idea!!! Your diaversary is a big deal and I think your doctor would really appreciate getting a card from you. Go for it!

(t1don) #3

i love that idea - a very brave doc saved me 37 years ago and I lost touch - I should have died that night so YES send a thank you!!! and pray for him/her as well. peace!

(Patrick) #4

I think it’s a great idea! The doctor that Diagnosed me has since passed away. Every year, I send a donation to the foundation he started for Diabetes Research to commemorate the anniversary of my diagnosis. It serves two purposes: 1 - commemorates an important event / the work you did with your Doc. 2 - Commemorates how far you’ve come since diagnosis! 36 years with T1D and counting here…keep up the good fight!