Diabetes poem i made

(Jaimie Wolfelt) #1

Sometimes i don't know where to turn,
Sometimes i just want to burn,

Sometimes i want to forget, 
Sometimes i just want to throw a fit,

Sometimes i want them to shut up,
Sometimes i just don't want to pee in a cup,

Sometimes i want to cheat,
Sometimes i just want to eat,

Sometimes i want to curl up and cry,
Sometimes i just want to die. 

By Jaimie Wolfelt

(Anonymous) #2

Nice job, Jaimie, that has a serious ammount of emotion in it -- I love how it covers the wide range of such emotions that diabetics go through. I hope you've joined the poetry group, this is great :)

- Alyssa

(Jaimie Wolfelt) #3

thanks! and i will.

(DiabeticDancer) #4

That is amazing! It made me laugh and it tells a lot of what we feel and go through. Great job! :)

(Kathy-Go-Girl) #5

We ALL feel like all those things at some point!  Very cool poem and very true!

(Volleygeek) #6

wow.thats really good. i luv it. its exactly how i feel. good job!! ur super good.

(dancetiludrop) #7

that was a really great poem my feelings totally the same!!

(Jaimie Wolfelt) #8

thanks every one! 

(Brittany) #9

That's a really good poem!!!! We all feel that way at least once a week. Well I know I do!


(jessmay93) #10

that's awesome and so true!

(orange_mms) #11

Well said, good job.

(Gina) #12

you pretty much said it all right there! great job!

(El Monito) #13

Didn't realize you could cover what how diabetes feels like in 10 or so lines,,,,Im gonna start quoting you,,,But great Poem

(nciganik) #14

Very nice Jaime! I would like to invite you to check out our site!

I would love to post your poem on it some place specail if that was ok with you.

Take a minute and look at it, I think I am goign to add a poems section as well!



(Jaimie Wolfelt) #15

thanks for all the good feed back, everyone. thats fine with me if you would like to post it nicole.