Diabetes Retinopathy Questions

(Daniel) #1

Hello fellow T1Ds,

Has anyone has any experience with taking anti-angiogenic shots in their eyes for diabetic retinopathy?. After getting two very opinions from multiple doctors, I thought that anti-angiogenic shots were a better long term solution since I have 20/20 vision and due to the fact that lasers would destroy my peripheral vision. Any experience with what to expect would be extremely helpful.


(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #2

Hi Daniel @dromanelli2, it is not a “guarantee” that you will sacrifice peripheral vision from LASER therapy. I was diagnosed with “diabetic retinopathy” in 1966 and had LASER photocoagulation in 1967 with a modified weapon grade RUBY LASER and since then hundreds of follow-up treatments, with various type LASER beams and my peripheral vision is now superior to straight-on vision.
I’ve also had an anti-angiogenic shot in my left eye in 2016 to stabilize the eye in preparation for my latest LASER. From what I’ve heard, including from the ophthalmologist who did my latest LASER, is that the shots can be the better option for many people with retinopathy.

(mikefarley) #3

I have a complicated set of eye issues in both eyes. I have had laser surgery, Kenalog (steroid) injections, and what you are asking about, Avastin injections. The selected treatment depends on the specific issue. If out of control capillary growth is the issue, injections like Avastin can be very effective. One of the issues in my eyes was treated with Avastin injections. The Avastin was very effective and had no side affects. Also, the Avastin is clear, and did not result in floaters like Kenalog.

If Avastin is indicated for your problem, I suggest you give it a try. Your doctor can always follow up with laser around the macula’s periphery if needed.

Best wishes, Mike

(Nancy) #4

@dromanelli2 Daniel, hey there. I had significant peripheral (not in the vision center of my eye) retinopathy abated in my left eye (only!) 25 or so years ago. I am 53 now, and although I wear glasses for farsightedness, I haven’t lost any peripheral vision at all.

In good health,


(anita) #5

i had shots for many years until my doctor said let us see what happens with no shots. i have not had a shot in3 years now. my eye is stable. i was in a study many years ago and it required alot of laser, i have the complications of that. i am a diabetic for 56 years now. i hope all goes well with you.


(joe) #6

the original LASER made you night and sometimes color blind on the first treatment. I can assure you that today’s YAG LASER does not. In my opinion, for my on disc prolifitave retinopathy, YAG seemed to me to be the better option because there seemed to be less of a risk of injection site infection.

no new growth, no night vision or peripheral vision problems so far and it’s been 10 years since last treatment.

this is highly condition based, work with the best retina specialist you can get your hands on.