Diabetic Dog Companion

I’m a type one diabetic if 14 years. Also battling gasproparisis. My family I feel the need to provide a loving home to a support dog. We are clueless in how to qualify for such a pup at little to no cost. As you can imagine $8,000 -$15,000 is very expensive. But for a companion and it’s training is yet life changing to say the least. Does anyone have any resourceful info about acquiring a diabetic service dog?

I have gastroparesis as well and don’t have 2 tell u how much it sucks. U don’t mention if u want a dog 4 companionship or 4 the abilities 2 alert u when you’re low/high. Not knowing your insurance info, a Dexcom cgm is the better choice. It’s cheaper and I feel, more reliable. Depending on your coverage, insurance and Medicare will cover at least some of the costs. As 4 a service dog, I’ve heard of people holding fundraisers, but it took several years and a lot of work 2 save for a dog. I do believe dogs can help. I’ve had and currently have dogs who sense when something’s up w me, but honestly it’s hit or miss. With the Dexcom there’s loud alarms 4 u and others 2 hear plus it really improves control and quality of life. Of course it’s your decision.

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hi @BnyCat Ebony and welcome to Type One Nation.

Be careful, “support dog” has a kind of a different meaning these days. You can do a forum search by tapping the spyglass icon at the top, or you can follow this query I created (a search for service dog) https://forum.typeonenation.org/search?q=service%20dog

there are a few links and resources but I am afraid the diabetic service dogs tend to be rare. good luck on your search.

I’ve heard that the service dog is a free service. Try Early Alert Canines. You may google it. They requested a deposit. After the training, the deposit is returned to you. You can keep the dog as long as you like. Everything should be free.

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Webpage is blank for them. Maybe no longer in business?

My CGM and pump are the only companions that I need. If my BG goes high or low, it lets me know 15 minutes in advance.
It requires abut as much attention as a dog too, ten to twenty times a day my pump is crying at me for some kind of attention.

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Hi Ebony! I have a service dog that I got from Tattle Tail Scent Dogs, KC Owens Is the trainer/breeder and she is super duper amazing. You do receive the dogs as a puppy but they are scent imprinted and she helps a lot along the way and they are not nearly as expensive as typical alert dogs. I raised all of the money for my dog through fundraising. My dog is my best friend and is ALWAYS ahead of my Dexcom, it’s crazy! It is a kind of long process to get one of her dogs and you will most likely be put on a waiting list but KC does her best to stay on top of everything. Best of luck to you!

I know this for sure. 6 months ago I lost one of my corgis, he had trained himself to be an alert dog. He was special, and I did not realize the impact of him in my life. I have a cgm, G5 Dexcom. I get weekly reports stating my progress of staying in range. I dropped 27% the first week after he passed. I normally stay in the 90% range. I even showed this to my Endo. I have gotten another dog with purpose to specifically train to be an alert dog. He’s coming along slowly, because I have to start at the beginning and give him basic obedience first. But he is already starting to alert to my drops. His presence is making a difference. My weekly report came out today and I was at 99% in range for the last week.
The dog is making a difference. I highly recommend getting a dog.