Diagnosed at 39

(Kim) #21

If it makes you both feel any better, I don’t carry insulin yet but I do carry my meter a Wonder Woman lunchbox! Lol…that lights up.

(Steven) #22

Hahaha. I need a replacement, but all i have found is “HelloKitty” and “Minions”, I am hoping for something a little more manly.

(Andy) #23

Diabetic women have it made. Especially mothers. (Except for the whole diabetes thing. ) They grew up carrying increasingly larger purses over time.
Us guys get handed these cavernous Buick-sized carrying cases and have to spend eternity explaining to other guys “NO! It isn’t a purse!”

(Steven) #24

Hey Kim. You ARE Wonder Woman! Keep it up! We’re with you.

(Steven) #25

Andrew, try one of those hipster backpacks. If you have a beard and a manbun, it will be easier to pull off.

(Andy) #26

Me as a hipster? No thanks. The pants are too tight. I just spent 16 months getting back into my regular jeans.
And the man bun? When it comes out grey, you just look like a guy balancing a brillo pad on your head…

(Steven) #27

Well, I’m also gray. So I guess that means I’m looking for a stylish “murse” when I’m next in NYC? Good to meet you and Kim. SW, from Texas

(Andy) #28

Chino Hills, California here.
Its about 2 insulin units east of Disneyland.

(Kim) #29

Thank you both for the laughs! Much needed and appreciated. Be well!

(trufflemaker) #30

Reading and laughing. Thank you all. Ten years coming up in the spring. Same story 51, told type two, meat and cheese for 2 months arguing with PC dr. Took 3 months to see endo. And now, tandem Dexcom combo. Though I’m brittle. No more than 3 units/45 carbs at a time. Consume wheat and resistant. Have been depressed, down some BUT… I look damn good and am healthy for 60, 114 lbs, a1c 6.3 and all body functions Normal. Staying ahead of the curb. Don’t feel so alone after reading and sharing.

(Steven) #31

Congrats. But the most important question is…what do you carry your supplies in? I’m looking for “Black Panther” although I’m white enough to be translucent.

(Steven) #32

And, yes, I’ve been down lately too. Forced myself to go swimming. Then dinner with friends. I feel better. Who knew?!

(Andy) #33

I was a bit down this morning (from yesterdays highs for no apparent reason) but had a great day today. Blood sugar actually followed my instructions today. That, and the beach and a couple of really good margaritas and a carne asada burrito for dinner worked wonders for my attitude.

(Kim) #34

@trufflemaker Well done! Boy do I feel ya with the meat and cheese. I may never eat another hamburger as long asI live, truly. @sgwilson I saw a great Black Panther for you on Amazon. Have your pick of the litter!

(Steven) #35

Thanks Kim! Time to retire Spiderman. He’s a bit ragged. We’ve had a good run tho.

(Susann) #36

I am so glad to have stumbled on this thread. Your stories sound so much like mine. It is nice to not feel so alone.

I was misdiagnosed with type2 in April and only a couple weeks ago found out I really have type1. Like many of you I was on metformin and lost 25lb in 4 months (that I didn’t need to lose). With one look at me my new doctor knew the problem. He said if it had not been caught when it was I likely would’ve ended up in the ER sooner than later due to severe dehydration and weight loss.

Now on insulin and figuring this out all over again. Finding the right dose has been challenging. Doctor is surprised at how much insulin it takes to being my sugars down.

Have any of you experienced this? Also, having some foot pain that I hope goes away as the sugars get into a better place.

Again, so happy to have found you all.
Be well,
Susann (age 54)

(Kim) #37

Hi @SBE1231! So glad you found it too and don’t feel so alone. The stories are all so similar it feels like coming home in a strange way. I’m seeing my endo for the first time tomorrow so I can’t begin to guess the situation with your own insulin dosing, but whatever the issue, through specialists and the incredibly knowledgeable members of these forums, you’ll find your answers. You’re not alone and you got this.

(Susann) #38

Thank you, @Cutabove1 , I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support. Good luck with your endo appointment tomorrow. I have been really happy with my doctor. Lots of communication as I go through this life adjustment.

Again, thank you! I look forward to getting to know the group.

(Andy) #39

Welcome to the club.

The fun part of insulin is trying to figure out what your body does when you throw curve balls at it.
Just about the time you notice a pattern that looks good, you might switch things up in your life (non food related) and whammo! your body reacts differently than it did last week. That may not be the case for everyone but it is in my situation.
I had someone tell me once (or twice) that it is best to get your body into a routine. Haven’t quite figured out how to do that with any consistency.

(Kim) #40

Just ate bread for the first time in three months after my very first shot of insulin. I haven’t cried tears of joy this much since my son was born. I know it gets harder, but I’m claiming this as victory for today. I hope you all have your own victories soon.