Diagnosed at 39

(Steven) #41

Hey Kim!! Congratulations! Sounds like a BIG victory to me.

(Andy) #42

was it good? What kind? Don’t spare any details! This is like diabetic food porn!

In all seriousness, howd your first shot go? how much of a dose?

(Steven) #43

Hahaha. I was just imagining a cooking magazine with the Miss (or Mr) August being a loaf of French bread, split down the middle with LOTS of butter and Parmesan cheese. Mmmmm.

(Kim) #44

I went with multigrain…more bang for the buck! Lol I’m on a pretty low dose for the rapid, just 2units to see what happens. My numbers are under tight control right now because I’ve been eating nothing so we don’t have a lot to go on. I really liked the endo and she was patient with my 1,000 questions. Also, not sure who recommended it, but I devoured “Think like a pancreas” and it was SUPER helpful. Helped to know what questions to ask so I didn’t walk out feeling like I just got sucker punched. You’ve all been so helpful and kind. It’s gone a long way. Thank you so much.

(Andy) #45

i’da gone with spongy old fashioned white Wonder bread. The kind that sticks to the roof of your mouth and is void of anything remotely healthy.

(Kim) #46

@AJZimmerman saving that for the hot dog roll I’ve had my eye on!

(Steven) #47

In Texas, corn tortillas sub for bread quite often. But I believe there’s a Spike Lee movie, “Girl’s Gotta Have It”. I’m pretty sure it’s about bread. Enjoy! And again, Congrats! SW

(Steven) #48

And Susann, welcome! However much insulin you need is what you need. Don’t think of it as a competition. More is not worse. It’s just what your body needs.
Everybody is different.

Don’t know about the foot pain. But, get the T1 stable, then figure out if it’s a problem. I have a herniated disc and numbness in my foot. I continually have to explain that it IS’NT related to my T1. But at least they’re asking the right questions. That’s good. right?

(Andy) #49

awwww…no fair. Now you’re just bragging!

(Richard) #50

(Richard) #51

Neither your life nor your ability to eat cereal are over. Insulin, whether through a shot or a pump will make it possible for your body to account for foods that you eat. Of course this all depends on the “why” you haven’t been able to eat carbs. An insulin dose at the appropriate level should keep you from spiking when you eat carbs. . You’ll do fine!

(Steven) #52

Hey Richard. Thanks for the encouragement. BTW, this is kind of a “snarky” thread. Somewhat serious, somewhat exasperated, just trying to cope. Whatever we can do to get thru. Gotta laugh sometimes. Right?

(Kim) #53

Thank you so much @richard! Appreciate the encouragement!

(Steven) #54

Yes. Thanks Richard, Kim, Andrew, Susann, Trufflemaker. You have ALL made the last week much easier for me. Best to you all. SW

(Richard) #55

You’re welcome.

(Andy) #56

Id still do cereal but when push comes to shove, I look at the box of cereal and then I look at my insulin bag. Then I look back at the box of cereal then I look back at my insulin bag.
Then i go to bed. Its just not worth the hassle, just for a cup of cereal.

(Andy) #57

Glad to be of assistence.

(brenda) #58

Hi!! Diagnosed erroneously also at 54. Lost 20+lbs and had to ask for referral from my GP. I also went to “nutrition” training and left crying. I’m super athletic and not a by product of my lifestyle. Very infuriating trying to dispel the myths surrounding adult type 1 to include nurse practitioner that explained to me it was impossible and a primary care doctor also haveingmo awareness of this …very condescending as well.

I struggle w depression and was also diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid disease as well. So I found that 20lbs and gained 20+. Everyday is a different day. Unfortunately my first Endochrinologist was the cookie cutter variety. I’m super proactive and could have greatly benefited from the same kind of doctor. After 4 years I got on the insulin pump and it has made this life so much easier. If your insurance allows definitely do it.

You have to advocate for yourself. I have a doctor that I really like and it makes all the difference. I also have ready several books on Type 1 and that has helped as well. I highly recommend Sugar Surfer. Good luck!!

(Andy) #59

Hi brenda…
Wow. It isn’t just me then! Lol…

Hard part is finding someone in the same boat. Especially when your circle of friends knew you back when…
I kinda have just accepted i had a pretty good run with zero health issues. 54 years to be exact.
I was probably overdue for something…if T1D is the worse they throw at me, im still waaay ahead of the game.
That being said, i cant figure out why my T1D diagnosis makes for such lively cocktail party conversation. I blame Julia Roberts.

(Andy) #60

Oops. Hit enter too soon.

I just get the feeling my friends are perched, waiting for me to go into a bout of low blood sugar so they can “help” me. “Drink your juice, Shelby!”

Joke’s on them. Ive been low in their presence. They just didnt know it.