Diagnosed at 39

(Steven) #61

Hey Brenda, Andy. I’m, REALLY beginning to feel like part of some weird club. I actually met Dr. Stephen Ponder when he was a Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow and I was a 4th year med student at UTMB in Galveston. I remember he wore a pump way back then (30? years) and I (arrogantly) thought that I was glad I would never have to worry about THAT! Karma is a BITCH!
Any other books you’d recommend, Brenda?
Really Andy? “Steel Magnolias”? LMAO

(Kim) #62

@AJZimmerman I think you missed your comedic calling. I just cleared a full mouthful of coffee across my desk. The only thing I can think of since this happed is Julia Roberts! “Don’t talk about me like I’m not here!”

You have a great attitude and I hope anyone who stumbles on this thread finds your outlook as refreshing as I do. Because it really could be worse and having the wisdom and grace to appreciate that is what I aspire to everyday.

Btw, I’ve begged my wife to watch that movie with me for years. I think I’ll stop asking. She’s worried enough.

(Steven) #63

Come on Kim! There’s been a a lot of advances since Julia bit the dust. Treat your wife to a “surprise” movie night. With low carb snacks. LOL

(brenda) #64

Hahahahaha truth. I find pretty much no one gets it. Question: I’m New to responding to feed. When I hit reply it asks me to sign in and then I can’t find thread to respond to. Any suggestions??

(Kim) #65

@sgwilson Hahahaha!!! I won’t have to worry about my blood sugar if she kills me. Win/win. Cue up Dolly!

(Andy) #66

I was forced to sit thru that movie when it came out. My girlfriend (now wife) crying on my left and some random women crying on my right. I actually had to go get tissue for both of them. If Julia Roberts, a “you’re special…there are limits to what you can do” TID and all, had a kidney transplant, and then had a dizzy spell, why didn’t she go straight to the kidney department at the hospital. All she had to do was use the friggin’ elevator.

No. Better idea. Let’s get in a car with a 1 year old, drive home, and be all alone until Jackson comes home. PFFFT!!!

( yeah, that movie was played at our house once a month for years. That, and “Joy Luck Club”. Every 27 days, like clockwork…)

(Steven) #67

Well. If they had been medically astute, they would have done a kidney/pancreas transplant and then…NO MORE T1D! Dumbasses.

Hey Kim, if your wife kills you, you’re “Coat of Many Colors” will be blood stained. But, “She…e…e…will always love You…oo…oooo”
Too much???

Andy? “Joy Luck Club”? You deserve a Purple Heart.

(Steven) #68

Maybe a Purple Pancreas?

(Andy) #69

yeah…all those years of me sitting there and rolling my eyes while she dissolved into a puddle of tears (over and over and over) finally bit me in the ass…

(Steven) #70

As I said a few posts back…Karma, It’s a bitch!
Brenda, I don’t know the answer to your tech question. If I reply ON the thread, it just comes up.
Anybody, anybody…Bueller?
Good night everybody. I’m off to eat dinner with my friend and his kids, where I will undoubtedly hear, “Do blood! Do blood! Do blood!” LOL. Peace.

(Luisa) #71

Hello all! Just wanted to share what my son keeps his supplies in after reading some of the thread;


It’s a lunch bag that looks like a mini Nike duffle bag :slight_smile:

(Kim) #72

So awesome! I might have to scoop up that white one!! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

(Luisa) #73

You’re welcome, I thought it was neat when we found it, he always gets compliments on it lol

(Colleen) #74

I was misdiagnosed in 2016 with type 2 at 56 years old .Was diagnosed with type 1 in Oct 2018.Struggling ever since .On Metformin Went to ER about a year in BG HI for months .I was so sick ,They gave me IV fluids NO insulin and discharged me per PCP with an RX for Glipizide 5mgs once per day. .BG was down to 540 at discharge. I had lost over 80 lbs Went to Endo not long after and he started me on Metformin Tradjenta Basaglare 16 units at Bedtime.Numbers still of the chart .Oct he ran bloodwork GAD and dx with Type 1 LADA Type 1,5, Still struggling to manage this diagnoses .My BG readings are in the high 100s low 200s fasting and just rise thru the day .Gaining weight like crazy as well . My moods .I am so tired and irritable all the time.My family thinks I am making excuses and using this as a crutch .A crutch for what I do not understand .Trying to find support groups locally and perhaps a buddy to go for walks .I am hoping that may motivate me and help with mood and the weight gain since starting insulin .I really need someone anyone that understands.I am so tired of apologizing .So anyone know of any groups in the Baltimore area?

(Kim) #75

Omg, @Dotydede, I’m so sorry. What a nightmare. Having family support is so critical. Once you find a support group, bring them with you. No one will ever understand like someone who has it, but they should try. I’ve recently started seeing a therapist who is a CDE. I want it to be a good thing, but for some reason, a person with knowledge but not experience giving advice can feel trite. Find your community where you are, and lean on the people here. It has made all the difference and has lifted me up on some very trying days. If you Are frustrated with your endo, find a new one! And another and another until you feel good and can trust your care to them. You are your own best advocate and only you know how you feel. Stand strong and know this club, that no one wants to be in, is always a post away with support and answers.