Diagnosis Aniversery

(Jeff) #21

Thanks for the reply to my posting. As I mentioned in my posting I am new to any kind of group and I am still trying to find my way around this one.

You mentioned a Jolson award for 50, how do I apply for that one?? I was under the understanding that Joslin brings you in for tests, to see why you’re still alive, do you know if that’s still the case?

Congratulations on reaching 60 years, that is indeed a milestone considering how they tried to kill us in the early days. I look forward to the advances in the next 50 years (I probably won’t make that milestone), but I’m going to try.


(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #22

Hi Jeff @50yearsT1D,
You can find the application on joslin.org - The Joslin diabetes Center. As you may know, Joslin is the renowned leader in diabetes Research, founded by Doctor elliott Joslin years before the discovery of insulin. Last summer I posted on here a picture of Dr. Joslin delivering the first insulin dose to a human - on the 95th anniversary of that very important date in our lives.

At this point, I do not believe that Joslin is bringing in new 50+ year T1d for the study; the study is now in a follow on phase seeing how those examined have done since the first gathering of data.