Does anyone want to be my friend?

(Lauren) #1

I have been TID since I was 9. I just started a new job today and (strangely enough) met another woman who’s TID. She has an amazing network of diabetic friends and I don’t have a single one. Don’t really have tons of friends but I’d love to meet some people to talk to. Maybe even help others and be helped…

(joe) #2

@lrj55 hi Lauren,

yep, t1 is not exactly popular. just a suggestion, if your co-worker turns out to be someone you feel comfortable talking to, maybe she can introduce you to her network?

in the meantime you have us. welcome to T1N.

(Andrew) #3

Welcome! I’m 22 and was diagnosed at 17 I’d be glad to chat with you. I’m kinda in the same boat just looking for others to help walk through this

(caiden) #4

Hello i was just diagnose a couple days ago, before my birthday party, and I am ten years old. I hate that i have this because i cant eat like i used to anymore when i would eat at many different times and never one big meal except dinner. I live in Arizona, vistancia. How are you doing and where do you live?

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #5

Hi @caiden, - you are right, diabetes isn’t a whole lot of fun, but you will learn how to live with it and do just about everything else a 10 year old would want to do. Yes, it will take some time and it will be lots of learning many new things - things other kids will probably never think of.
I’m Dennis and I’ve lived really well with diabetes for over sixty years and I’ve done just about everything - about the only thing you can’t do with diabetes is be a commercial airline pilot; I’ve had diabetes since my 16th birthday - and I was too sick to eat the really awesome birthday cake my mom baked.
My youngest grandson was 12 last December and I’ll be happy to talk with you whenever - I - and many other people on here - know lots about living with diabetes so feel free to ask any questions you may have. Anw a BIG welcome to TypeOneNation.