Dr. Bernstein Low Carb Diet

(pugmom) #1

I have been a Type 1 for 52 years and have recently been reading and trying to follow the Bernstein Low Carb Diet. I find that my blood sugars are basically a flat line when following his diet. But in the odd time, like today, when I had to eat at a fast food restaurant, (hot dog in roll and a few of my husbands fries) I pay the price. Have to also say, I have lost about 6 pounds. Not a bad perk! I have found that the planning, I have to take Novolog at least an hour before carbs to have a stable bs outcome, it is daunting! See what works for you! Would love to hear your results! Good luck!

(isabelle) #2

I have been on his diet for many years. It is difficult but the only way to keep my blood sugars low. You are right, one French frie can wreck it but we are allowed a little fun sometimes. We can’t be good all the time.

(ksannie) #3

High fat foods prolong the absorption time of the carbs, so you end up with carbs entering the bloodstream 4-6 hours down the line. For this situation, if you have an insulin pump, you can raise the basal rate for 3-4 hours. Otherwise, you will have to take another shot or bolus to bring down your high BG. I have been using a Low Carb diet from even before Dr. Bernstein’s book came out 20 years ago.

(sbrad4226) #4

I’m so confused. I am on a pump. I have read a lot of posts about raising/lowering basal rate, bolus, etc… How does someone learn how to do this? All I know is check my BS and put in my carbs that I will be eating with that and tap deliver. (and other basic things)