Favorite low carb snacks?

(Megan) #1

Just looking for new ideas for easy low carb snacks!

(Tiffany) #2

I buy my 13 year old son the Oscar Meyer P3 packs. He only has to have insulin for every 8 grams of carbs and most of those are 8 or less. The ones that have the chocolate covered or sweetened nuts are more so we don’t buy those. I’m sure it would be cheaper to just buy cheese, nuts, and meat and make our own but these are so handy. He eats them between athletics and lunch at school with no shot. Pickles are another good snack.

(21 F Diagnosed Feb 2012 ) #3

Hi Megan! I recently started taking better care of myself and my T1D and as a result I’m now counting my carbs more “religiously” than I had been in the past. I’m a vegan so Low Carb Diets can be tricky because a lot of vegan foods are super carb heavy( I know there are not a lot of T1D that are Vegan so Idk if this will even be the slightest bit helpful). My go to snacks are usually a handful of nuts/seeds like Brazil nuts, peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, or pecans, lower carb fresh fruits like watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, or blackberries, Slices of avocado w/ a little sea salt and black pepper, dried no sugar added coconut strips make a good snack, roasted lower sodium Seaweed snacks are also super yummy, kale chips are perfect when I feel like potato chips but don’t want to take the insulin for them(I find really cool flavored ones like a “vegan cheese” type), and “ants on a log” is also one of my go to snacks but instead of super sugary peanut butter I use tahini or a little hummus and instead of dried rasins for the ants I use seeds like chia seeds or black sesame seeds. :slight_smile: I try to stay away from super processed foods as well as try to limit my sodium intake so I usually get unsalted/low sodium products when I shop. My favorite drink to have along with a snack is a La Croix sparkling water, they come in a million different fruity flavors and they are low sodium and contain no artificial sweetners or sugar. Also I should mention I became vegan to lower my cholesterol which was at 226 about a year ago and went down to 180 after switching to a vegan diet my A1c’s also dropped from a 9 to a 7 in a year. :smiley:

(Patrick) #4

My favs are Olives. There is this company “Oloves” that sells pre-packaged snack packs with several flavors. You can buy them on Amazon. They are great. With that said, BE CAREFUL WITH PROTEIN! Most count carbs, but protein also plays a role in blood sugar. Be sure to ask your doctor / CDE / Nutritionist if you should be counting protein as well. In my case, 50% of the protein grams are counted as carbs. When I do that, my blood sugar remains completely stable after a snack/meal. Just food for thought…(see what I did there?).

(21 F Diagnosed Feb 2012 ) #5

I was not aware of this. When I was diagnosed my Dr. said meat was a “free food”. :frowning: I don’t eat it anymore but this is really good to know anyways(for others) :slight_smile: Thank you!