Favorite Spot?

(Meweiss1) #21

When I was first Diagnosed (about 10 years ago), I injected myself in the stomach. My parents were still around, and so I would just have them, because they had a better view, inject into my arms. Sometimes I still ask them to inject in my arms for me just because I can and they are there :) (Im 21). I also injected my Lantus in my Butt every night. As I got older, my Endo told me to avoid the stomach area, and now I move around my areas a lot. My legs were originally too muscular I was informed, but now I inject in my legs when I'm wearing shorts/dress/skirt, my arms when wearing short sleeves, and my stomach (in different areas from my original scar tissue) for the rest. I still inject in my butt, that is just my before bed Lantus. I feel that moving my injection sites around just keeps me sane, and it's like a game..."where should I put this needle in me today?" :)

(aubijane) #22

Definitely my stomach! I take two lantus shots a day, one in the morning and one at night. Plus humalog 2-3 for meals a day. I have always used my stomach. I occasionally use my arms during the summer because they are easy to reach. After 10 years I really haven’t noticed any scar tissue. I am sure I will eventually. I tried the butt one time and my mom did it for me. That did not end so well! haha.

(brainwave1962) #23

My favorite injection site has been my stomach for majority of my injections. The easiest and the most the convienant location on my body.

(DDrumminMan) #24

I have been on injections since August 1977. I used to do stomach a lot, but got bumps there. Same with my arms. I abandoned those sites and the bumps eventually went away. I now have big bumps on my left thigh. I do arms too now but the bumps haven’t come back. I get bruising sometimes too.

I think I need to go back to stomach and better rotation.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #25

rotation, rotation, rotation and then when you think you’ve exhausted every spot, find a new place.

During 60 years of depending on insulin for life I’ve used many schemes now I use a pump and rotate infusion sites between four locations on each of the following: the right side of my abdomen, right bicep, left bicep, left side of abdomen - 16 areas in all.

Prior to pumping, I also used both right and left buttock. I was taking six injections every day so my morning shot was right buttock, then during work day I had convenient access to both abdomen and both bicep areas and then my left butt for bed-time. I didn’t have any bumps or “sore” places after I began with throwaway needles. My thighs wore out in the 1950’s when I was having to use the old “horse needle” year after year - thighs still like shoe leather.

My suggestion, just because you find “a good place” keep looking for more locations and never use the same body are two times in a row. But be aware that activity [such as running after injection in a leg] can speed up insulin absorption.

(Zuriel Anne) #26

I am fairly good at rotating because I’m scared of developing scar tissue! But I have noticed that I inject a lot around my stomach. It’s just so easy.