Financial resources for type one diabetics

(Crystal) #1

Does anyone have resources for financial assistance for type one diabetics to offset exorbitant costs of medical equipment and insurance? I’m specifically interested in graduate school grants/ scholarships as I had to resign from teaching to deal with my new type one diagnosis then a major surgery subsequently. I am interested in providing counseling to those with addiction issues and mental health needs. While in graduate school I need the basics and inquiring about my diagnosis of type one disability qualifies me for food, shelter, medical care while attaining licensure.

(joe) #2

@Claplante hi Crystal

the JDRF outreach has this document… which has a funny date but I think the links are good.

USA.GOV has this link

and the American Diabetes Association - has these search results:

good luck


Not sure if this helps, but Lilly also offers the Insulin Affordability program program