Freakin PUMPED!

(Drew21) #1

Just found out that My favorite band UnderOATH is comming to Omaha on Dec 8. Ive never seen them live and I have already bought my tickets haha, they are comming with Emery who is also a very good  band. Everyone should definitaly check them out! haha

(Woo Its Pat) #2

I'm at work so I can't look up music stuff, but what genre are they?

(Drew21) #3

They are Hardcore Christian Rock, Screamo type stuff. I work out to them and stuff like that, gets your blood pumpin.  But the lyrics are also very very helpful with life too, and very inspireing most the time.

(Woo Its Pat) #4

Oh...Am a fan of hardcore, not the others so much :P

Are you a fan of Skillet too? I think they're sorta along the same lines.

(cab0902) #5

skillet is amazing, i love listening to them...and shinedown..if they are ever in concert near me I'm so going C:

(Drew21) #6

its really good stuff haha.

Um ive never heard of Skillet, im gonna have to go check them out.