Free, you just need to pay shipping

(Nancy) #1

Hello community,

Update 11/12/18: my extra supplies have been spoken for. Thanks for your interest.

I have upgraded to a Dexcom G6 CGMS and I have a boat load of G4 sensors still left (4 boxes!). Can any of you use my unused G4 supplies? I’ll pack and send if you’ll pay. I also have 2 working G4 receivers that are out of warranty, but fully operational.

Let me know -


(Brittany) #2

Do you still the senors g5

(Brittany) #3

I could use what you have for the dexcom g5

(Nancy) #4

Hi @BrittanyRoy90,

I’m sorry I was unclear before, I have Dexcom G4 sensors to give away. I no longer need the G4 supplies because I am now using a G6. I have no G5 or G6 supplies to share with the community.

Thank you,


(Joei) #5

Hi. Do you still have the supplies? My husband and son both use dexcom. We could use them. Happy to pay shipping.

Thank you,

(Nancy) #6

Hi @joeiwms

Thanks for asking, Brittany claimed them all.

(Joei) #7

Oh darn. Thank you.