Freestyle Navigator vs. Medtronic CGMS?

(Dylan404) #1

Hey has anyone had experience with both of these and has an opinion which one is better? I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase a navigator right now (I have the minimed CGMS). Any input is appreciated, 



(BrianPQuinn) #2


I know somewhere on Gina's blog she did a review of the Freestyle Navigator. If she doens't respond to this shoot her a message. I can't remember if she is still using it or not, but I do know she tried it.

(Gina) #3

Brian you are correct. Here is the post about the differences between freestyle and medtronic that I wrote about hope this helps!


(BrianPQuinn) #4

Gina you spoil us.

(Dylan404) #5

Thank you Gina (and Brian), that was an extremely helpful review.