Getting a tattoo as a diabetic

(emily) #21

I’ve had T1D since 14 and I’m now 21, I have 19 piercings and 4 tattoos! As long as you constantly keep them clean and follow the right after-care procedures, I think you’ll be okay! Id love to answer any other questions you have

(Gabriela) #22

Hey Emily!
that’s so cool. I’d love to hear about yours!

(emily) #23

i have one on my wrist that says “type one I>^/” it doesnt look weird like that though haha its just “i am greater than the highs and lows” im sure youve seen that before! i have one on my foot that says “smile your way through this world”, one behind my ear its just a star and i just got one last tuesday on my back, its a sunflower and the quote “the sun will rise to better days” in my moms handwriting!